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Meet Diane ...

WHO? Diane Giattino 
WHAT? Actress. Singer. Dancer. 
Mother of 5. 
Studio Owner for 36+ years.
WHEN? Started a small studio in1976 that developed into an award winning, state of the art, multi faceted & educational dance school.
WHERE? StageDoor School of Dance East Patchogue, NY 11772
"The Best Show Everrrrrrr !!"

This moment will be ever lasting in my heart and mind. Nuala created a magnificent quilt honoring my retirement from Stage Door after 36 years. This quilt is my lifes' work in one magnificent picture. The love, time and patience to gather all of the t-shirts of past and to place them perfectly is sure genius. This QUILT will hang proudly on the wall in our brand new home. The best part is that Nuala surrounded it with beautiful, fabulous delicious SATIN for me to fondle anytime I want. lol.. I am forever proud and so grateful for this beautiful act of love and will treasure it forever. xoxo 

- Diane Giattino                               StageDoor School of Dance            Patchogue, New York


2 beautiful women & amazing role models !!!! Keepsake stitches is such an original, unique gift idea!!   

Jessica Colosa                                    StageDoor School of Dance             Patchogue, New York





WHO? Helen McDowell
WHAT? Graduating Senior 2014
WHEN? Started in 1999
15 years (47+ costumes)
StageDoor School of Dance
WHERE? SCCC for Accounting
I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe
in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be
going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that
tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. - Audry Hepburn

Helen McDowell                                     Bellport, New York


Meet Miss Stefani

WHO? Stefani Russo Hynes              WHAT? Co-Director of D&S Dance Company.                                             WHEN? Dancing for 20+ years, Stefani continues to motivate and inspired students.                                                             WHERE? Donna's Dance Center  Shirley, New York  11967                           FAVORITE SAYING:                            "Dance is a way of saying who you are without having to speak"

This is probably one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts I have ever received. Many pieces of costumes from dances I have taught over the years sewn into this quilt is a perfect way to keep all of the memories that I have created over the years with so many beautiful dancers! This is a keepsake that I can treasure forever with many thanks to keepsake stitches thank you once again!

Stefani Russo Hynes                           Donna's Dance Studio                              Shirley, New York


Meet Miss Donna

WHO? Donna Illiano Santomassiano   WHAT? Teacher, Dancer & Friend ...    "like a mother to many"                    WHEN? Studio owner for 21+ years. Opening her studio in 1993 - Donna's Dance Center has most recently launched the D&S Dance Company.               WHERE? Donna's Dance Center        Shirley, New York 11967                             FAVORITE POEM:                                          "Eyes Upon A Dance Teacher"

This quilt is absolutely amazing!!! 21 years of memories displayed so beautifully, right down to the treasure chest it came in!! Such a special way to remember all the years invested in running my studio. I will always treasure the love and memories of all the dancers behind this incredibly thoughtful gift.

Donna Illiano Santomassiano            Donna's Dance Studio                          Shirley, New York


Jodi Fera  Moves & Motions Studio


I wanted to do something with all of my daughters T shirts from dance, water ballet, recitals, competitions, title jackets, etc…. so I ordered a quilt from Keepsake Stitches…. Having known the owner for many years ago, I knew that this had to be an unbelievable pairing – an amazing talented creative artist/dancer/choreographer who was now channeling that passion in another creative way …I’ll admit, parting with these shirts was hard, I was afraid at first BUT OMG what I got back was unbelievable …. She made this AMAZING gorgeous two sided quilt!!! The detail is incredible, the patterns and fabrics selected were just gorgeous and I am amazed every day when I walk into my daughters room !! On one side she even used subway map fabric to symbolize Brookes Journey at LaGuardia High School and now NYU. She even used rainbow thread floral patterned stitch this because it matched the fabric !! The detail and add-ins are incredible!!! I am speechless!! Pictures do not do this justice ....


Manhasset, NY

Kathy Ward Fischer

I am speechless! You have captured Meagan's heart and soul.

Bellport, NY





WHO? Kaitlyn Webber
WHAT? Graduating Class of 2015
WHEN? This multitalented athlete splits her time between Dancing, Varsity Kick Line and Step Squad.
WHERE? She will be attending Suffolk County Community College. Majoring in Adolescent Education with emphasis in History 
Love the life you live. Love the life you love.
-  Bob Marley

Long Island, New York

MEMORIAL QUILT    Dorina DiLullo

Finalizing the 1st of 2 memorial quilts for my best friend Dorina. This quilt is for her husband Charlie and their two boys, Charlie and Bennett.                                   Rest in Peace my friend.                                  I miss you more than words can say.



This gorgeous couple is expecting their first baby boy this spring ... Mr. Lincoln Clark Roe. Erin is an accomplished accountant, dancer, choreographer and performer in addition to managing TheStageDoor School of Dance in Patchogue, NY. She received her degress in Dance and accounting from jacksonville University. This I SPY/BABY QUILT was made from Erin's recycled dance costumes.

Every child begins the world again  - Henry David Thoreau

Insert City

MEMORIAL QUILT  Patricia Pelati


Kaitlyn La Grega


WHO? Kaitlyn LaGrega
WHAT? Actress Singer Dancer
Graduating Class of 2015
WHEN? She has been in numerous productions at The Gateway & Patchogue Theaters.
Credits include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast,  Suessical, and The Little Mermaid,
WHERE? She will be attending SUNY Cortland this fall and majoring in Musical Theatre.
"You can do anything you want, even if you are being told negative things....stay strong and find motivation " - Misty Copeland



Bellport, NewYork



Born ...
May 7, 2015
7lbs 14oz
20.5 in
This EYE/SPY Quilt was recycled out of Erin's dance costumes.
This FABULOUS new mom is an accomplished dancer, performer and choreographer in addition to double-majoring at Jacksonville University in Accounting and Dance. 
WISHING your family all the love & happiness life has to offer.
Every child begins the world again. - Henry David Thoreau



North Carolina



WHO? Shannon Torre
WHAT?  A True Triple Threat 
WHEN? Dancing, Singing and Acting since the age of 5, her accomplishments include  numerous awards and scholarships from NYSCAME and SCMEA. Most recently landing the lead roll in the prestigious Gateway Theaters' production of Cinderella.
WHERE? Shannon is enrolled at S.U.N.Y Cortland for Musical Theatre.
"And in the end... We have only each other."



Patchoque, New York



WHO? Meagan Fischer
WHAT? Graduating Class 2015
WHEN? Began dancing at the young age of 2 at StageDoor School of Dance. Patchogue, NY.
WHERE? This fall, Meagan is attending SCCC and will receive her degree as an X-Ray Technician.
"Everything happens for a reason."

Bellport, New York


If you haven't already seen Miss Nuala's famous quilts please check out her business FB page, KEEPSAKE STITCHES! Miss Nuala will take your dancers old recital costumes, recital t shirts, school show programs, sports memorabilia, and anything else that is special and unique to your dancers childhood and create the most beautiful quilt for them to cherish forever! Whether they are going off to college, celebrating a special birthday or you want to give them a special gift when they are starting a family of their own please consider this special gift! So many of our dancers have received quilts and all of them are unique, artistic, beautiful and perfect for that specific dancer! Please check her page out and look through all the quilts! #quilts #keepsake stitches #memories

Mary Giatinno-Styles

Owner of StageDoor School of Dance 



Meet Miss Victoria 

WHO? Victoria Rose Triola
WHAT? An accomplished musician whose work has been featured on multiple Disney soundtracks & The Whitney Houston Concert at the BPC,
WHEN? In her senior year she was one of a few grant recipients for her senior year musical projects.
WHERE? Berklee College of Music, Boston MA
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
- Bob Marley

Warwick, New York


WHO ? Miss Kayla Martin

WHAT ? Junior Varsity Volleyball Team Player at Patchogue-Medford High School.


WHEN ? Started her athletic career as a dancer st StageDoor School of Dance. Where she danced for 5 years until she found her new love volleyball.

WHERE ? Upon graduating she sapires to attend StonyBrook University and study Dentistry.


There will be obstacles.

There will be doubters.

There will be mistakes.

But with hard work,

There are no limits.

Bellport, NY


METS quilt finished !! Complete with NYC subway trains ... Repping The 7-Line Army. .

Anthony Triola

San Diego, CA

Jen, Jessica & Sterling

Attention NYC Parents !!!

Keepsake Stitches' NYC inspired ABC / I-Spy quilt celebrates the sights and sounds of this great city.

Wrap your baby or toddler in this cozy, bright and educational quilt.

This beautiful couple, Jen & Jessica, and their amazing daughter Streling share their time living, loving and laughing throughout New York.


Patricia Pelati

Memorial Quilt

The Holiday Season celebrates friends and family of present and yesteryear. If you are a sentimentalist, consider creating a quilt or wall hanging with your loved ones keepsakes.

The traditional quilt depicted - remembers a dear aunt, a matriach and the best story teller ever.


Dobbs Ferry NY


WHO? Miss Katie Baer

WHAT? Katie is currently studying Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Technology at Farmingdale State University. In addition she aspired to put her love of animals to good use in combination with her degree by training K-9 police dogs.

WHEN? This beautiful athlete also snowboards, plays volletball, soccer and lacrosse in addition to dancing for 12 years at StageDoor School of Dance (Patchogue, NY)

FAVORITE QUOTE: "The thing to do, it seems to me, is tp prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. Somebody who mat not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God - if they cll God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That's what I think."     MAYA ANGELOU

Katie Baer

Bellport, NY


Finally finished this quilt for my gorgeous neice Christina Miglio. A beautiful person inside and out. I have been friends with her parents Maria & Joe since they age of 15. 




Christina Miglio

Staten Island, NY


"A Grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart"

These amazing grandchildren celebrate the love and legacy of their grandfather Bill Mangels by creating keepsake pillows with his favorite Disney character "GRUMPY" t-shirts.

The pillows are just amazing!

They came out so beautifully!

What a special keepsake of my Dad they are !!

Nuala. Thank you so much for the Grumpy pillows. You blew us away. They came out so much better than I had imagined. I really appreciate the care you took in creating them. Thank you again for the beautiful keepsakes.

Laura & Todd Matises

Bellport, NY


Memorial Bed Runner 

A collection of this dear fathers' t-shirts, flannels and ties sewn together to create a bed runner for his wife Michele Dimone.

THANK YOU Meghan for entrusting me with your fathers' keepsakes. I am so glad we were able to create this for your mother for Mothers' Day.

"I had to open it ... I am so IMPATIENT ... lol

I LOVE IT !!! So beautiful and perfect !! I can't thank you enough.

Meghan Robinson

East Patchogue, NY